Will I get a girl who respects me for being "stable" as they get older or am I dating the wrong woman?

It's happened to me three times so far. I treat them well I work hard and very emotional and financially stable. I've gotten dumped twice and cheated ones (which led to me dumping). Because I'm not "dangerous" or they don't want to "commit". I usually move on after a month or so only to have them try and get back with me. I guess the grass wasn't greener with Mr. Tall, Dark and mysterious/bad boy. I turn them down because of my pride. It could be that I've always dated what my friends call "trophy" girl friends (whatever that means). I'm just stable and considerate and beginnings to wonder if I should start being a jerk. Or I'm dating beautiful yet immature woman.


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  • I know lots of nice girls who dated good guys all along. Dating advice experts generally say that if you keep ending up with the same kind of partners, it has something to do with the way you choose them. Often, supposedly, people play out some dynamic from an early relationship or especially a childhood experience.


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  • No... I think you need to date mature women!


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