What am I doing wrong?

im a girl and im 19. i've always been insecure about my body and now that i found myself comfortable with the way i am, i feel like nothing has changed (like guys hitting on me) and i've really changed, im skinnier, no more braces, got plastic surgery on my mouth to have a perfect smile (i was very very insecure about my smile i didn't even talk) i changed my style, i dress much fashionable, i've changed the way i talk and take care of what i say, and my attitude, and still the same, i feel like guys never like me to the point to not ask me out. I've never had a boyfriend or being kissed, so at this point of my life i feel desperate and sad about it. its a little bit difficult for me to find a boyfriend bc there are some things that i "reject" in guys like smoking (i can't stand the smell). im also christian so i dont plan on having sexual intercourse any time soon. i get REALLY sad every time i think about what would be the feeling of being in love and have that guy beside me, through good and bad. Do you think there are guys out there willing to not have sex? do you think i'll find that epic love i've been dreaming about? what do i have to do to get a guy to ask me out? how can i push away a guy (just so i know if im doing it) thanks


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  • Yes you can. I am a proof of such guys and other guys I know. You just need to look in the right places and be careful in getting to know more the person you're interested in.

    • i just feel like they only look at me as a friend, I don't know if i'm [intimidating] (idk how to write it im latin) or something, i feel like nobody turns his head to see me when i walk pass them. how can i look approachable?

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    • I think you are a jewel in a desert. I hope you don't change who you are. You are the perfect girl, it is sad you don't think so.

      "Don't break your wings for the devils..."

    • thank you so much

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  • ]you started building your confidence to get guys to like you! Thats what you did wrong!


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  • honestly, most guys will not go for the no sex thing. I do thin that guys will ask you out and there probably are other Christians. Anybody else would be 50/50. you would probably get the guys that would like to you just to have sex too.


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