Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year & he's never never never put me on his social media?

My boyfriend & I been dating off & no for a year & He @'s me like once every 3-5 months but it's about nothing, he's never put up a pictures of me on any social network but he posts pictures with him and his friends like all the time, he's never even talked about me. He says that "your boyfriend shouldn't have to post you on social media to determine they're in a relationship" but when he was with his ex he would ALWAYS post her & talk to her and about her on social networks. Is he ashamed of me?

Update: for the off & on part we'd break up & get back together within a few hours lol


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  • It could be because you are off and on.
    Guys don't like to drag dramma out online, and some will take steps to prevent it before it can happen.

    I don't necessarily mean dramma with you. It could be he doesn't want to explain things to family either about the dating not dating thing.

    Know way for me to know for sure though

    • But it's not like we break up for weeks and months, We break up for hours. The point is he doesn't show me off AT ALL, I feel invisible

    • Have you talk to him about this?

      On a side note, hours? How often do you two break up for hours?

    • Yes, he says "broadcasting me to world doesn't determine if we're in a relationship or not" but it still bothers me because like I said his ex was everywhere on his social media, pictures, name, tweets, everything

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  • Key word "off and on". That is the basis of your relationship. As a guy, i will tell you that he is with other girls. You guys are at the point in your relationship where you are tired of each other. your whole relationship has been shitty. You may be trying to hold on, but guys tend to just give up and go look for other pussy. Im telling you the truth

  • Perhaps you're not the only one? If he has a few girls he's stringing along he wouldn't want them finding out about each other.


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