How do I attract a shy girl in eighth grade?

Hello. My name is Sonny I'm in 8th grade and I've known a girl since grade 2 and I've always really liked her. In the last two years I've been a little bit more close with her. I'm in a lot of her classes and I ALWAYS catch her looking at me. She sometimes will (atleast looks like it) purposefully trip or make mistakes in front of me to get my attention? She's pretty shy and her family is from the phillipenes. I'm madly in love with her personality. Thanks.


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  • I think she waiting for you to kiss her.


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    • senpai is mad at kohai ah

    • What should I do for a move like the wave 🐊

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  • You are lucky to of met a Filipino woman. They are very loyal and good women. there personalities are to die for. Trust me when i tell you this... She is already into you man. You just need to kiss her. Tell her she looks beautiful, look her in her eye and then kiss her. I promise it will work

    • Thanks. She's not super traditional but she is definitely something special she isn't very liked but I'm in love with her I'll do that TOMMOROW I PROMISE THANKU

    • Let us know lol

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  • It sounds like she is already attracted to you.

    • I know but like. Ok she is a very different girl. I've also had a lot of "diffrent" life experiences and a pretty dark past and fucked life and she's so hard to talk to without just exploding and going to fucking spill out my heart heeeell

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  • It's hard to attract someone when you don't show off your personality.

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