Girls, I have gone on two dates with a woman in her early 40s. Is it inappropriate to ask if she has gone through menopause?

I want to know if she can still get pregnant. I know there are some questions that you should never ask early in dating, such as how much money you make, how much you weigh, how many sexual partners have you had? Is asking about menopause kind of like that? Or is it a fair question?

  • Yes, its a fair question. Obviously it matters if a woman can get pregnent.
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  • No, no, no. That is rude and taboo. Don't you dare ask that.
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  • Yes ask her if she has birth control! like daeneryss said


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  • Its too early for her to have gone through menopause. Ask the notmal question about protection that u would any girl and she'll let u know the scoop if she's interested

  • maybe instead ask if she's on any form of birth control before you have sex. if she's gone through menopause, she'll say she doesn't need it, because she's done having children.