Is it normal for a girl that you are dating to send guys the same pictures she sends you?

So me and this girl have been talking for like 6 months. Even though we haven't verbally sat down and said "hey we are together", its like an unsaid thing. I call her my girlfriend and she calls me her boyfriend. So one day we were laying in bed and she is on whatsapp and i just look over and see that she sent this guy the same picture she sent me earlier that day of her. Although it was just a picture of her nails, i still feel some type of way for some reason. Should i be mad? i guess maybe it makes me feel like im just another nigga. The guy she sent it to i realized is the same guy that likes every single one of her pictures on instagram. I feel like maybe she has slept with him in the past or something. I mean i dont really text girls just to be friendly when im single... just being honest. He seems to be in the military traveling which means to me that they met in her country which is Croatia. By the way, we are in a long distance relationship, but not really because she works where i live. We do see each other often, but not frequently. She is working on moving here. Is this something i should address? both guy and girls opinions accepted


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