Why does my ex avoid eye contact with me, he's the one who screwed me?

We dated for 6 months, he was my 1st love. We broke up and ened on bad terms, it wss mostly his fault but i would be wrong if i didn't take some of the blame. Its been 5 months since we last spoke, we go tothe same schl and whenevere he sees me or walks past me he looks down or straight ahead like he doesn't see him and if i try to catch his eye he looks away and bites his lips ( he does that when he's nervous ) i know its awkward seeing an ex but it isn't awkward for me, because its been so long but he still acts weird. And his new girlfriend hates me. When i walked past them, she hurried and grabbed him and pulled him in for a hug. Wtf ! I wasn't even paying him any attention. It makes me angry that he can't look me in the eye. The least he can do after hurting me and cheating on me is look me in the eyes, i want to the person who broke my heart to look at me. And maybe he can see how much pained he caused me if he looked in my eyes.


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  • He probably feels guilty and is reminded everyday of what he did to you. He may even still have feelings for you


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