How long does it take to get to know a guy to figure out if he is a complete total fuck up or not?

I have met guys who know how to hide being an asshole for a long time. I hope they rot in hell

How long does it take to get to know a guy until he reveals his true colors?

how long would you say it takes to get to know a guy before getting serious with him or having sex with him to see his true colors?


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  • I think some guys (girls included) are on their best behavior when you start dating or seeing each other. Then after a bit they lose the initial spark, thrill of the hunt or being hunted and turn jaded.

    To answer your question, no set time, some people are good at manipulating people and ass holes would be pretty good at it (imo) as they are manipulating their attitude to make you fall or like them. Do some random stuff, that would make a normal person mad, and see how they react, if a guy can't say no to you, he is fake, if he gives in all the time, he is fake.

    • I put up with fuck ups in the past and I'm not doing it anymore
      If I meet a fuck up I will beat the shit out of him

    • But I'm not talking to any guys right now

    • No one should put up with anything they do not like.

      If you dont care for azz holes, dont do it.

      Myself, can't stand fake females or or lying. Lofe is too short for that stuff.

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