Girls, Do you understand that when someone says hello to you, you are supposed to say hello back?

Instead of acting like a rude snobby bitch just say hello when a man says hello to you. Bloody rude white women... White women are rude, snobby and full of themselves.


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  • do you understand that some people genuinely aren't comfortable engaging in conversations with strangers, and that "hello" is the way conversations generally start?

    do you understand that some people live in environments where cat calling is a constant experience and not making eye contact or reciprocating when someone attempts to engage you in conversation has become a safety mechanism for plenty of people?

    do you understand that just because you say something to someone, they are absolutely under no obligation to reciprocate, just as you are in no way obligated if someone says hello to you?

    look, i'm sorry some "rude snobby white woman" didn't respond to your greeting, but under no circumstances does it mean you get you get to a) trash an entire gender or race over a response only YOU didn't appreciate, or b) assume she was intentionally being snobby, when there's a chance she didn't hear you, or have the time to stop and talk.

    • Bwahaha typical feminist response "muh is a womens and muh is a weak defenseless victim" so somehow as a man It's my fault huh and all men are bad huh?

      In that case just because a man asks you out for dinner doesn't mean in no way is he obligated to pay, just because a man invited you to a bar means in no way is he obligated to buy drinks for you. See it goes both ways.

      And while we are on the topic of white women I am sick and tired of you white feminists defending black men where is your outrage when Indian men are racially abused? where is your outrage when Asian men are racially abused? You're only outraged when black men are racially abused. So much for "equality" huh.

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    • yes, hence the words "if someone asks you to drinks or dinner, bring your wallet".

      I'm well aware there is no law, which is why I never stated there was one.

    • Bring your purse!

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  • I say hi unless they're being subtlety perverted. Oh well.

  • Woahhh hold on. Dont let one lady make you think bad about all white ladies.

  • yeah but doesn't mean I want to say hello!

    • Did your mother not teach you any manners?

    • lol hahah sometimes I am a moody bitch and i rather just not! I don't want hurt people.

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