Girls, There is this girl I've liked since I was a freshman in HS (currently a Jr.) You have to read the details they are importan. Should I give up?

I never really had the guts to do anything about it even when I found out Sophmore year that she had also liked me since freshman year. However I did ask her to home coming & we had a so so time, nothing bad but just not good. But to get to the point, now one of my best friends has started talking to her ( I have never told anyone how I feel about her so he doesn't know)& she has showed a decent amount of interest. However I know that he doesn't really want to date her or anything he is just looking for sex. They have had sex at a party but it was just recently & they were both decently drunk. So long story short should I go for her before she starts to have more passionate feelings for my friend or is it time to give up?


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  • Talk her about it


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