I know I'm out of touch, but am insecure/low self esteem or am I narcissistic?

There's a girl I've been on one 'date' with which seemed to go fairly well, other than it not involving much touching.

We met on a dating site, and when I had another look at it this morning it says she's just looking for friends. Now I always read the profiles fully and have no recollection of it saying that, so on some level I'm sure that she must have changed it.

So am I insecure? One explanation is that she thought our date went well and so changed it to only looking for friends in case anyone else looking at her profile fancied her. This was my intial reaction but the more I think about it the more ridiculous it seems.

So am I a narcissist? The other explanation is that it said that all along and I somehow missed it, and that our date was just us getting on well as new friends.

I know I'm delusional, but in which way? What seems more likely?
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Another possibility is that my recollection is correct and that she only just changed it to say she's only looking for friends, but that that had just been on oversight on her part. (As in she would only want me as a friend.)

Any opinions on this?
Any other opinions for this?
It's seems the answer answer was A...


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  • They're equally likely but I don't know you, to say which one I think more.
    Now about the scenarios. I would honestly go with the first scenario. It seems more reasonable given the surrounding information.

    • A third explanation is that she had just forgotten to put up that she was only looking for friends when she created her profile.

      I am pretty sure that when I first contacted here it didn't say that, but I've come to the conclusion I'm delusional one way or the other I just don't know which, so my recollection may not be right.

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    • Ok. Thanks for answering.

    • No problem
      Good luck

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