If you are with someone and still you are in tinder, is this means cheating or what?

I am with a guy for almost six months, and we are spending together every weekend so far. But couple of days ago, when my friend was checking tinder for herself we came across with his profile. I dont know what should i think about it. So does this mean that he is lookiing for another date or something else. I am quite upset. I need an opinion about it..


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  • People use Tinder for dating and meeting strangers for sex, so the likelihood of him being on Tinder is to either date other women or hook up some casual fun behind his woman's back.

    Now not to condemn a man before he's found guilty but it could be possible that while his profile exists he is no longer an active user of the app.

    Why don't you ask him about it? Show him the account and see what he says?

    • I already mentioned to him, but i did not have seriuos behaviour, or i was not queationing him. I told him, my friend saw him on tinder, and even sent him a print screen. he did not say almost anything. he just made a joke and change the conversation. we are in different city, and seeing each other during weekend, so this conversation happened through phone... So i have to think, how should i behave until to see him

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    • Thank you for your kidness answer, i wil definetly think about it.

    • You're welcome! Good luck to you!

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  • Did you guys have the exclusive talk yet? I know for some people it seems redundant, but to be honest he may not think you two are exclusive. If that's the case, then he may think he is free to see other girls.

    It really comes down to what you two agreed on. If you have been seeing him exclusively and he was clear you two were together then I would be really upset.

    The thing is, Tinder isn't to meet your next best friend, it's a hookup app. It's there so that you can meet other people and have sex with them. The only purpose for him being on there is to meet other women.

    Now, I would confront him about it. Show him what you found and hear what he has to say about it.

    in my opinion if you were both were together and in a relationship, then this is a huge red flag.

    • we did not have a proper conversation about the exclusive for each other. But because of our conversation, I can definetly say that we should not see someoneelse. he is making comment like..., once, i gave my hand cream to him, and he told me that i will be smell like a woman, but next time to see you dont forget you gave it to me, dont be freak out that I am seeing other woman, and try to kill me... and couple of times, when we were out, he talked about me she is my girlfriend. and she is keep talking about my study or my plan to his parents. so even we did not talk, may be I can't say how seroius we are, but can definetly say that in our relationship it is not normal to date with other people...

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  • is there anyway to see if he uses the account still?

    Maybe he just never deleted it?

    Also, even tho it's been 6 months and you weekend together.. have you had the "exclusivity" talk?

    If you haven't.. he isn't exactly cheating even if he's using it Mon-Thu

    • I never use tinder so i dont know how it works, but it was writing that he was online 6 hours ago. and he just changed his phone, so I can tell he is using it. We did not really speak with each other clearly about what kind of relationship we have, thats why I am trying to think how should i behave. But, based on our relationship, i can tell looking for someone is not so normal. I know his family, and friends, he is mentioning about me to stanger i am his girlfriend, even asking me to move his place for couple of months. and couple of time, when we had a joking conversation , he mentioned that if i figure out if he is seeing another girl, I will kill him.. So i dont know what should i think

    • I would just be straight up with him.

      Tell him your friend saw him on it.
      Tell him you want to take your relationship exclusive.

      Don't accuse him of doing anything wrong..

      Just tell him what you want, and open the door to go forward.

      I work with a guy, he has tinder. He is engaged. He just uses it to look at the girls, he never actually contacts them.

      While that I'm sure is rare, it's possible your guy is the same.

  • Yeah that's not a good sign at all.

    Tinder is for people who are looking to date others or to hook up. I don't see why a guy who is taken will want to either of those. My gut is telling me that he's seeing what else is out there. I personally think you are worth much more and don't deserve a guy who is still Tindering behind your back. Especially if it has been 6 months... by now he should be asking you to be his girlfriend.

  • It could be before he was dating you. Just ask him.

  • I would leave that guy. I can't believe you wait that long. You know what I bet you take his crap bc you feel there's nothing better out there but there is.

  • Unless you have had the conversation about what you are to each other, you are free to continue seeing other people.

  • Im seeing a guy i met from tinder and i am still on tinder. Im just there to check his last seen online though


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