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i am taking the girl i like to my highschool graduation but she doesn't like me. should i make a move or just give up on it? any advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • Why do you think she doesn't like you?

    If you are positive that she doesn't like you then why are you taking her?

    • i spoke to her and she isn't interested in dating right now. because of that she doesn't really like any guy.

      we are going as friends. i'm taking her because she is my closest girl friend and i don't really have any other options

    • I see :) Makes sense. Well if you are positive that she won't date anyone right now then it's probably best to not ask her.

    • okay. thanks for the advice :)

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  • Are you two just friends? If she doesn't like you then why is she going with you? If you know for sure she doesn't like you, then don't make a move and move on; you don't want to creep her out. But if you are unsure, it doesn't hurt to try!

    • we did speak briefly about dating but she basically said she wasn't interested. i was hoping to show her that i can give her a fun night and hopefully change her mind

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    • thanks for the advice anyway. it's appreciated :)

    • No problem! Happy to help you 🙂

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