What does it mean if he calls you every night??

Some times more than once a day ,but tells you that your too young to date.


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  • I'm not doubting that you're not attractive or anything, but when a guy who is older than you calls more than once a day and you are currently underage, he either has no luck with woman older than him, or has no motivation in life because he doesn't have a schedule to fulfill (a job, workout schedule, errands, school etc etc) He doesn't sound like someone your should be interested in, stay within your age group to avoid being a victim of control freaks and weak minded individuals. Good Luck

    • I am attracted

      and he's only 17 and I'm 16

    • If you fall in the water with him, then he is most likely going to be demanding attention from you while you are out fulfilling your schedule, even at age 17, you should have a hectic schedule, if he is calling you all the time, he has anything short of a hectic lifestyle, cause he has time to sit around all day and conduct business with you. He's telling you that you're too young to date, but yet he's calling you all the time, then you tell him he's an idiot, and stop calling you, simple.

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  • It sound like he is mad in love with you,

    how old are you anyways?

  • He is a needy tool that badly wants your attention.


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