Waiting for the call?

I was in a wedding 2 weeks ago. My escort just so happened to be cute fun and charming. We really hit it off. The bride and groom purposely paired us up because we were the only 2 singles. We spent the entire evening together...he literally did not leave my side. We went back to the hotel but I didn't wanna hook up with him because I've made the mistake of moving too fast with guys before and it leads nowhere.

Since then he has only text me, but he kept asking when we could hang out again. He also wanted to make date plans. We went bowling with a group of people and then spent the night together again. The next day he text me but hasn't asked to see me again...should I just assume he's not all that interested or should I give it time? I can't imagine why he would've text me first if he didn't want to...


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  • Hard to say if he's interested. Why don't you ask him out? The worst that can happen is he'll say no.


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