Is this shy guy interested or just being polite? Friends known him 10 yrs say he talks to me more than anyone

I met a guy. We locked eyes immediately.I left to check my phone. He came with, started convo and added himself to my fb. I sent him a message "Do you like musicals?" The next day-

Him: Musicals, huh?

Me: you read that?

H: ya

M: y didn't you write back?

H: I wanted to tell you in person. If you texted me I'd reply, but I don't have your #

M: I don't give it out to people who ignore me

H: I'll reply and try asking again?

I didn't give it. 1 day we were in a group and it was a bad day for me

H: Hey. Sushi.

M: what?

H: my fave food is sushi. What's the matter?

M: bad day

H: you'd feel better with food.

M: ur the 1 under calories today, you said

H: then me eating food, and you watching.

Thinking that was an offer out, I

M: so you want me to watch you eat, tonight?

H: what time is it?

M: 9

H: I have no $

M: I'll trade you fries for a ride home?

H:I don't know your area where you live



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  • i think he's toying with you. keep flirting and see if it goes anywhere; but don't get attached :]

  • I think I know who that guy is..even if there are 12976 million guys in the world... I think he is just being polite.. you said he talks to you more than anyone.. shy guys won't talk to much to the girl they like.. If you happen to talk to him, and you see him blushing and stuttering, he likes you..