Is it complicated to date a guy who has kids? he only calls me once a day, but he still lives with his ex?

i really like this guy, but I never get attention from him at all. He only calls me once or every other week to say that he misses me. When he makes plans to see me, he doesn't call me back but uses a excuse that he is with his kids. He said that he wants me to be his girlfriend when he finally moves out from his baby mama. He told me that they do not sleep in the same bed but in different rooms. He is not attracted to her anymore and the reason why we couldn't work out was because his baby mama was very obsessive over me. I try to question about whether or not its working out between us. am I asking for too much or is he using me right now because him and his baby mama are having problems. What should I do?


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  • I am going to be honest with you. I think that he is an opportunist and isn't trustworthy. If he is broken up with her and she is obsessive, then the all the more he'd want to get away from her. However, he is still living with her and they're not involved in anyway? I highly doubt it. Whatever he isn't getting from her, he is getting from you. If he was truly that miserable and unhappy then he can easily find a new space and end the relationship.

    I do not see how this is a positive relationship for you. You want someone who is available, completely into you ONLY, knows what he wants in a relationship and has a lot to offer. I think you really need to move on to someone better.

    This is my opinion but the decision is yours. Good luck.

  • I say don't get involved with him, this guy has too much baggage. I doubt that nothing is going on between them still, because they live together, get a new guy, good luck

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