How do I get over her?

I've liked this girl for about 2 and a half years. I went out with someone else for a few months but it turned out to be kind of a rebound. I felt awful about it and I was honest and nice about it as possible but I had to break up with her cause it wasn't an honest relationship. anyways back to the girl I liked; we got to be really close after she broke up with her boyfriend (who was my best friend /=) anyways we kinda hooked up at first and then she started liking me but never wanted to quite commit to it. she'd just give me a kiss goodnight whenever we parted and say maybe soon after she figured out if some other guy liked her.

i got too much into it. I really really like her and now she finally realized she doesn't want me at all. she stopped leading me on and I'm facing the reality that I was nothing more than a rebound for her. I thought I might still be her friend at least but lately I've been realizing that even our friendship was sorta meaningless to her. I can't just detach from her cause she's still close to me and in my group of friends, plus I'm afraid if I date some other girl it won't really be an honest relationship.

I need to move on. but I don't know how.

It wasn't honest because I still liked this other girl more and I feel awful for what I did but the only thing I can do now is not use someone like that again. I'm not gonna find some girl to be my rebound...


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  • What was it that made your relationships not honest?


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  • Easiest way sadly is to go out with other girls. Unless you completely hate the original girl's guts...then that would make it easier