Where these good signs from this girl?

Okay - so I have posted a question about this girl before... We have virtually everything in common... So I dove in and asked her out.. she said YES. When we went out we talked and talked and laughed, joked and talked some more. I would normally feel that is a good thing, but my issue was she did way more talking, almost like a motor mouth. She has never been like this before. But this first time we went out she just completely talked, talked, talked. I would bring something up, and she would interrupt me on that topic and start talking about that. Smiling all the time. I didn't know if she was joking around, not being serious or was just happy or what... She also didn't seem to care about what time it was. She was going to be late getting home and it was I who had to finally say "well - we better go." All good? I guess the reason I am posting this question is, why didn't she let me talk and why was she was interrupting me? It was kind of annoying (or maybe rude). What do you all think?
WERE not "Where" in title hate typos ;)


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  • She may have just been really nervous for some reason. Quite a lot of girls when nervous tend to either over talk or vice versa. See how it goes next time.
    She probably wasn't doing it to be intentionally rude :)


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  • she could have just been really nervous! Some people who get nervous won't shut the hell up... It better then having a girl who won't talk when she's nervous i guess...


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  • She's either really into you or she doesn't have anyone else to talk to. I just wrote the second option for the sake of probability.


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