Why is it that you can like someone so much, yet they show no interest in you other than a friendship?

Just one of those days where you are looking at your unrequited love towards your best friend yet they don't even look at you in that light, even if you are always attentive to what they like, need, and feel. Just share your stories, advice, anything...


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  • Well take a step back and think of someone who is nice, kind and friendly but you just have no desire to be involved romantically with them.

    It happens.


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  • Because you're they're best friend. You never acted like a potential love interest in the first place. Friends are supposed to know their friends and be attentive to their feelings, that's what friends do. It doesn't give you the assumed right to be seen as their ideal type.

    If you don't make it clear that you are more than a friend then it's your own fault if you get treated like one. Also you have to accept that you don't get to decide what they should find attractive; you can be nice and all, but that doesn't make you their type. They get to choose that.


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  • Because they just aren't attracted to you in that sense. Shit happens.

    • He used to though, and I at the same time, but he was in an abusive long distance relationship at the time, and he wanted it to work with her because she would cut herself.

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