Why would someone keep your number?

This guy i really liked , he was my first kiss, first guy to ever saw me naked and first guy i ever got intitmate with, decided to hurt me and ignore me. He refuses to delete my number and or block me but refuses to speak to me or even see me. My heart physically hurts and im really angry some nights i have insomnia because im sad and lonely. How can i get over this, its been a year. Im 23 by the way, i was just 22 when i met him. He thought i was a slut and lying and didn't believe i was a virgin.


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  • Why the hell would you care what number he keeps? You don't have a say on who blocks who. It's been a year already, why is this still something you think about? Move on !

    • cause i really LIKED HIM!!!

    • Poor girl. You are intoxicated by him. You need to get him out of your system. It's over. I am not even sure there ever was anything there. It sounds like he fucked you then left.
      Get your shit together and delete him everywhere. Unfriend him from facebook and find someone else.

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  • I think he would keep the number as a trophy! That guy is an ass! Why would you sleep with him? Thats crazy!


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