Bad luck with men?

I never had the best of luck with men in my 27 years of living. Never had a date, first kiss, or anything serious. I get major anxiety when around a guy. Between the bad relationships with men in my past it has push me to the edge of my sexuality and now I date women which I seem to connect better with and is more attracted too. I've been this way since my teen years and find when I meet different men there's a pattern that I seem to come across. My interest and connection with men is gone. I see men as friends vs boyfriend or marriage material. There's nothing there and I hate to tell a guy this who seems interested. I know I'm lesiban, but tried very hard with men over the years until now.
Nah, I been this way just gay all my teen years... guess it never worked out with me and men no matter how hard I try
I love women because I love women... no I dont want a relationship with men.


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  • Do you even want to have a romantic relationship with men?
    I mean, are you lesbian just because you never found the right man or are you lesbian because you love women?

  • I am not sure what your question is. If you do not feel a connection to men, and you see them as friends and have no sexual interest in them, and you turn down men that show interest, I don't see how that would be considered bad luck with men. A lesbian doesn't really have bad luck with men, she simply doesn't have sexual attraction to men. If your realization that you are a lesbian is fairly new, it wouldn't have been that bad luck with men 'turned' you lesbian, it would have been a case of you not feeling attracted to men fully, which would have led to subtle (or not so subtle) cues and clues being dropped by you that you weren't into it, which would have made dating men really difficult. Just like it would be difficult for a straight guy to date other men... those exchanges would have been awkward and forced, so I wouldn't say a straight guy was having bad luck with men before he started dating women instead.

    Is there something else that you are getting at that I am missing?


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