Girls, guys who worry, turn off?

Is it a turn off if a guy is a worrier? Do you perceive him as weak and not a man? Like if he worries a lot about things and sometimes asks for reassurance, Is it a turn off? Honest answers.


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What Girls Said 2

  • it is turn onnn

    • Interesting I thought I would be seen as weak.

  • No it's okay, it makes me feel needed which is a nice thing. It's only a problem if he's a worrier as in paranoid and aggressive about it

    • I'm certainly not aggressive. I just worry about things people may not worry about themselves. It's because deep down I just want to do the correct thing.

    • I only said that 'cause that's what my stepdad's like, he always thinks there's something wring with his health, or we're going to be burgled, or something, and he'll accuse everyone of not caring, leaving doors unlocked etc.; and also he goes off on these big things where he'll accuse my Mum of cheating on him, it's insane.

      It's totally okay to just need some reassurance sometimes, that's very different.

    • I'm just concerned she sees me as a bit weak. I'm a shy guy and am quiet a lot of the time. I'm very polite, and always holding doors for her. But soemtimes she can appear moody, or quiet towards me which send my mind into overdrive thinking I e said or done soemthing to make her like this.

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