Guys, I really like him, but I'm not ready for a relationship?

I've been in two year long relationships since the age of 14, my last breakup was about 3 months ago, I've moved on and there was this new guy in my life, we both really like each other, no doubt. But I had to tell him no matter how much I like him I'm really not ready for another relationship, I just don't feel I can go through another one again. In respect he was of course like funny about it and like was upset and whatever but he just started to be mean to me, like I get that, but it's really gotten to me since I still really like him.. do I tell him, do I talk to him and say I'm upset and actually try to explain why I don't want a relationship or do I just leave it?


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  • Just tell him about it. Not knowing whats going on, that shit is frustrating to me. there's this girl i like (but probably won't feel the same with me no matter what i do) whos been through the same and has told me the same but unlike you she has told me the reasons why. It gives me clarity, peace of mind and i really appreaciate that she did.


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