Guys, why would you offer a girl your number instead of asking for hers?

Long story short... I met a guy after work. The way he approached me was very random and I found him quite funny. I decided to stop and talk to him for a little while. He didn't beat around the bush and asked me if I was single, I said I was and he proceeded to ask me more questions. We spoke about the basics the areas we live in , where we work etc. We're both the same age and he made a joke about us having a connection since our names begin with the same letter.

Near the end of the conversation he offered me his number. This has never happened to me before. I've only ever asked for a guys number after he's asked for mine. I asked why he didn't want to take mine and he said ' do you want me to take yours?' his tone of voice changed here. I'm not sure what I make of his response. He didn't attempt to take his phone out though.

Anyway I said it was cool and I would take his number and I did. He said if I feel confident then I should give him a call, if not then I should send him a text. The fact he is questioning my confidence makes me want to call him to prove a point though lol.

So guys why would you offer your number instead of asking for theirs?


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  • Okay, by what you have explained, it sounds like this guy was employing the 'Game' in his interaction with you.
    You said his approach was random - far from it, as it was a calculated way to make The encounter was almost always scripted up until the point where you asked him why he didn't take your number. It threw him off his 'game' and he responded differently because it wasn't park of his plan.

    He then set rules controlling how you contact him. Trying to make you feel comfortable in messaging him. He trying to control your every move already.

    This guy is a player. Forget about him!


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  • He will know your actually interested in him if you actually call it, it's actually a smart move by him instead of taking yours and him calling and you making excuses as to why you can't go out that day or night and then he won't know if your just blowing him off or not

  • yes, I have


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