What should I give him?

Alright so tomorrow is our 6 month. (It's a big deal to us and I really hope to make it special) Because 6 months is half a year I want to give him a present that is half themed. Example: half a cake (but I don't want to do a cake, I don't have time to bake...) Any cute suggestions?


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  • I was going to say he gets to feel one boob and the other after a year but he probably did that already😊 So I guess half a box of chocolates in a heart

    • Lol I was thinking of doing a half of a heart or something yeah! Lol and yeah he has...

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    • Haha yeah! I cut him out paper hearts all of the time... What if I make a REALLY big one and I paint and decorate it then I cut it in half and give it to him with a letter that sends him on a scavenger hunt that will lead him to the piano and I can have the song I want to write for him done and ready and be sitting at the piano with the other half?

    • That would be nice and you even thought that up on your own

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  • hmm... give him a necklace and you get the other half

    • I don't know if that would work... I have too many necklaces...

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    • sound like someone been planing this for a while now!

    • Awesome! What did you give him?

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