Is it a turn off for you if a guys/girls house is dirty, dishes not cleaned, dog hair all over?

Ok so I went over to a girls house the other day and her dishes were overflowing in the sink to be cleaned, the floors (in some areas) had a good amount of dirt built up on them, and she had two dogs and their was dog hair all over.

I mean to me it was a MAJOR turn off, I didn't like it at all, I could not see myself dating that person for very long. Maybe like one night stands but not would I EVER consider her a long term girlfriend. I mean I can stand the dishes not being done, but when I see dog hair all over and dirt built up on the floors, to me its just nasty. I mena I am an extremely busy person and I really don't have much time to do anything, but I couldn't stand have that much filth on the floors.

I am not against having animals as long as you keep up on the house work that is needed to keep the house clean.

Do you guys/girls agree that this is a major turn off?

sorry *their should be *there, I should reread these before I post, lol


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  • I know it's not relationship wise but when I went over to a friend's house it was exactly how you described it. Dog hairs all over, the smell of wet dog, dishes overflowing the sink, and there was even dead flies on the counter. It was disgusting. It definitely put me off going to her house again and so she's always the one to come to mine.
    It's something I can look past but looking at your situation, if it's a relationship and you're planning to live with that person I would hate it!


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  • I would be a hypocrite if I said it was a turn off.

    My house consists of six extremely busy people, one extremely busy, very furry, medium sized dog, one cat, and whatever hair/mud we track in from the barn in which we house two very furry horses and one very affectionate cat.

    My dog produces a whole other dog of fur every three days :p So no matter how much you choose to clean, the house will always be hairy.

    And I'm okay with that.

    • so your telling me it doesn't drive you nuts to have a built up of dirt on the floors and dog hair all over, I mean I know people who have animals and they still keep their house immaculate.

    • Ain't nobody got time for that.

  • Major turn off -_-

  • Yes!! Thats just gross. Nobody wants to be with someone that has bad heigene. If ther house is dirty, how do u know if there not dirty too?


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  • Massive turn off, close to a deal breaker but not quite if they tick all the other boxes.


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