She rejected me but, flirts with me everyday at work and texts me constantly. What gives?

So this girl at work rejected me. Which was weird seeing as she talked to me everyday for 3-4 months. We'd talk for hours every night, texting and via calls. Throughout the day, she'd text me 30-40 times. A few times 80 texts a day. But then I asked her out and she said she was busy. But she really just didn't want to go. So I stopped talking to her for like two-three weeks. Then I started being polite and cordial to keep it from being weird at work. And now she's back to flirting, trying to get me to talk to her besides saying hi and bye and liking every single thing I put on FB and IG. And she does a lot of weirdo stuff. Like she asked me how was the [event] that I went to, when its fukked up, seeing that I asked her to go with me and she gave me the runaround / said she was busy / acted disinterested. Then yesterday (and the last few days) she kept coming back to my area to ask questions about stuff and after I did something for her, she said something along the lines of I saved her life. That I'm always saving her. But she said it really seductively and I just walked away mid-sentence without saying nothing back because it made me kinda mad. If you're not interested. I get it. But most girls who don't like you will avoid you and be repulsed by you. She teases and I don't get it.


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  • You've been back burnered. You're the guy she keeps on back up to make her feel good about herself. You pull back and she feels like she's losing her main source of ego stroking.

    • But what's the point? Why would you string someone along for attention? If you're that starved, get a dog.

    • I do agree with you and I'm going to pull back completely. I mean she's crazy, she follows me around at work, asking stupid questions to try to talk to me, like asking me how to do stuff when she's been there a year longer than I have, stalking me all over social media. Just weird considering she rejected me. She said she wants to go on vacation / backpacking with me but, yet won't grab a bite to eat with me. Just all around craziness.

    • dogs won't TELL you how great you are. you're being used, and that's not cool. go out and find yourself a girl who appreciates a man with dedication.

  • You're in the friend zone. Drop her quick. She's full of games, and doesn't take you seriously. Don't take her seriously. Be an ass and see how things go.


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