Girls, I like two girls who are coworkers?

Is it okay to date two girls who work together? I like them both and I don't know who to pick and I don't know that I will know until I get to know them. I've worked at the same company as the for 2 years but I'm so far removed that I rarely see either of them.
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  • If you do don't make it serious until you figure out who you like more, and even then I suggest hanging out over dating. And tell them, it'll be a giant mess if they find out by other means and they can assume you're a two-timer, and given the fact you work together and thus see each other a lot it'll make work a lot more hard and awkward.

    • Well they see each other but I rarely see either of them. The only reason I never asked either out is because I hardly ever see them but I may get a chance to see both of them soon.

    • I would ask to hang out instead of a date. You don't want a bad reputation in the work place.

    • Okay I guess that works

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