My hoe detector is going off, but should I still give her a chance?

I liked this super hot girl at my school. We share identical views and Intrests on a lot of things, but I found out that she has a boyfriend in the Army (I'm enlisted as well and I'm going to basic once I graduate). This boyfriend is barely even legitimate though because he asked her out right before he went to basic training and they never really talk. Because of this and a few other behaviors that set off my hoe alarm I backed off. These indicators include: she was grinding on several guys and trashy dancing at our homecoming dance, I've heard a small rumor about her hooking up with my main bro, and she gets drunk sometimes which I look down upon because I'm a good boy with this rare trait called class. But aside from these indicators she is super hot and has a great personality. Today she randomly started getting all close with me, touching me, sitting next to me and standing next to me a lot. I pretty much ignored it because I'm wearing my anti hoe armor right now. I don't know if she is just trying to get some action because I normally have a bunch of girls fangirling over me (don't mean to sound arrogant, but I know that I'm very attractive and I am a nice guy most of the time). So should I lower my anti hoe guard a little if she continues this to at least give her a little bit of a chance in case she's not like that, or should I just throw her into the friendzone where I keep most hoes and girls that I don't want to date?


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  • Bang her then move on.


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