What your guys opoinion on this?

i like this girl. But we are just taking it slow since we just started knowing each other. She's not sure if she's ready to date yet or not. But she was frustrated so I sent some bible verses. She wrote back love ha and put my name. Is that typicle for a friend to say to another friend or was she hinting? one of my best friends is a girl and we've been friends for 3 years and she never said that to me. I'm hoping it's a good sign.


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  • Really depends, me and my female friends say that all the time but don't "Like" eachother

    • I've never had a female friend say it. And we've only know each other a tiny bit. I've taken her to lunch once

    • Oh not sure then, maybe she was kidding, get to know her more and gather some additional data

    • Thanks

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