Do women despise me?

Seriously, women just seem completely repulsed by me, like, they're around me and a wave of disgust overcomes them. Am I just that fucking pathetic in their eyes? What can I do? Like, i feel like the ones that have hit on me just did it to screw with my head. Like, if I'm in a room and a girl's there and I say something, whether or not it's to them, I generally just get ignored. And, if a woman EVER thinks I'm into them, whether or not I am, it's as if they're world has just ended because me, Envy the freak likes them. Like, if I ever meet eyes with a woman on the train, they just immediately look away, and, the only girl I'm even semi-close to doesn't even talk to me in person, only in text, in person it's like she avoids me like the plague (though I don't try talking to her in person). Sure, I have met two girls I'm kinda interested in and am speaking to, but, one is a freshman I just met and the other is a senior that may or may not have a boyfriend and they'd both probably reject me either way, because they all just see me as pathetic and disgusting and they hate me.


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  • you are not their type


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