Why do a lot of women date and have relationships with men that are old enough to be their fathers?

or why do a lot of men like to date and have relationships with women that are young enough to be their daughters? Yes, I know that's normal and tradition, almost all the time the man is older than the woman in the relationship, but personally I think it's disgusting if there is a 10 year or more age gap. What I find more disturbing and weird is that if a man is in his 50's and 60's, and he is dating, is in a relationship with a woman that is 20 or 30 years younger than him and they end up having kids, obviously because the Father is old enough to be a Grandpa, so the Father will not be around as long to see and watch his kids grow up.

Because the Father will be dead, or at least near-death by the time his kids have graduated high school, or when the kids are in their early 20's, that's too young to lose a parent.
Seriously, having kids at a very late age is not, why would a man who is old want to impregnate a woman and he won't live long enough to see his kids grow up?


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  • I agree with you, I think it's disgusting.


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  • Well, if you believe in "true love" then it's possible for anyone to fall in love regardless of age or anything else. But yeah, most of the time it's because of a little thing called "daddy issues." These girls/women are looking to be taken care of (like a daddy would), supported, provided for, etc. While women who date men their own age are generally looking for a partner/best friend/soulmate, women who date far outside of their age bracket are looking for a stable, responsible figure who can give them a safe and comfortable life and is someone they can look up to (rather than an "equal" as in same-age relationships.) I don't think it's necessarily disgusting- it just kind of IS, and the opposite is true that the older men in the relationships are looking for a little-girl-type with very little independence of her own.

    • I just think it's weird and disgusting when there is a huge age gap, like 10 years or more.

    • I agree with movie-dude

    • You can feel however you want about it... I was just pondering some of the reasons why people date far outside of their age range.

  • I think some girls do that because they have "daddy issues." Personally when the age gap is too big I feel like the two people just don't have much in common because they're at different stages of their life. I personally prefer guys that are older than me but I feel like if they were more than 5 years older than me it'd be a little too much of an age gap for me. The guys that do that probably just do it because they can and they probably get some ego boost dating a girl in her 20s when they're in they're 40s

  • I think it's disgusting when the couple has a huge age gap, but 10 years isn't that much.

    For example:




    Not that big of a difference



    that's disgusting

    • So 20 years or more is too much right?

    • Definitely. 15 years might even be a bit much

  • Older guys like younger women because those women can have kids while a women in her mid to late 30's might have some problems. Plus younger women are generally more attractive.

    Girls like older guys because they have a stable career and income and will be able to take care of them.

    • I guess women have a gold-digger side to all of them right? because it seems that every girl wants a guy that they see as a future-husband, a financial provider, and you are saying that men can have kids at any age?

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    • That's a ridiculous argument. That's like saying, cancer runs in that person's family, therefore chances are good that that person will die from cancer. Therefore, he/she shouldn't have kids.

      When a "child" is in his/her 20's, he/she is an adult and can live without a parent.

    • Yeah but still, losing your parents or one of them in your late teens or early 20's is a bit too young.

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  • women like older men but I wouldn't say that many girls our age actually date older men , I haven't seen too many who actually do it