Why is my ex girlfriend being mean to me?

So me an my ex girlfriend broke up a while ago because she cheated on me, and I said some really bad things about them and apologized. We still go to the same school and she's been really annoying. During our relationship she would always ignore me and flirt with my friends. Even now she's still flirting with my friends and they hate it. She tries to always be as annoying as possible. Like after the breakup she became an extreme feminist and me and her friend needed to work on a scene for drama so I asked her when we could work on it, but she came in and took her friend away before we could arrange anything. Now I'm gonna get in trouble because we couldn't arrange a time to work on it. Its really getting to be too much, I feel like they're being mean to me on purpose. Any advice?
Also now her friends are starting to be mean to me on social media


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  • Her behaviour is very childish. Ignore child like behaviour or treat her like she is one. I would just stay very clear of her and avoid her at all cost like she is a plague.


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  • Yea, move on its called relationships. You are going to go through a lot of these kinda games in life with the opposite sex, Males do it too, so its not just like women are the only one's.

    Ignore her, do not give her the time of day, when she does something stupid look at her like she is stupid.

    Best of luck.


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  • Don't hang out with her anymore.

    • I don't, she interrupts conversations I'm having with my friends.

    • You could get yourself another girlfriend or just tell her that you don't like her anymore, or say point things out to her like she's interrupting your convo.

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  • It sounds like she wants some attention, Ignore her back. I would try to cut as many ties as possible between each other. After you do she'll come crawling back if she's still interested.. sorta like a test. OR you can just find another girl and give her a legitimate reason for her to be a bitch to you. ha


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