Never good enough?

So this is probably the 4000th time that I've been led on and dropped. Things start off great and I'm always very guarded because I don't wanna have the same shit happen. I drop my guard and start to feel ok. Things seem great and then one day comes along where the girl is busy. She's always busy. Every attempt to hangout or just whatever is nonchalantly passed over. I start to realize, but don't wanna make assumptions. I get maybe one text a day or every two days and I realize it's true. Finally, I get "the can we talk." I hear the generic you're nice and good looking. I don't wanna keep wasting your time. I'm not over my ex but thanks for everything. If this didn't happen every time I ever liked a girl and acted on it, I would just be like okay. I just feel like complete ass that this is a reoccurring thing in my life. I can't even shake it off because I'm piled up with the same responses from everyone else... I just don't understand it. I honestly just give up at this point because the same thing has always happened


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  • Talk to girls

    • That's exactly how I got into my situation

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  • Ugh i hate that, like why do you talk to me if you aren't over your ex? Same thing happened to me, you just have to keep looking and keep yor chin up at least it can't get worse.


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