Guys: If he only plans to see you once a week?

I met a guy online and we have been dating now for a little over a month. Gone on 6 dates (6 weeks). He texts me everyday but only makes plans to see me once a week. I've tried to make plans to see him twice a week but they have fallen through. Once we were suppose to go golfing but the weather was bad for example so we cancelled. I was hoping things would start esclating but they really aren't.

He also told me that he moves slowly in dating on our first date. I last saw him this past Sunday and he has been texting me everyday since then but no concrete upcoming date. Thoughts guys? How often do you want to see a girl when you've been dating her for a few weeks. What does once a week mean? Also, we are not physical at all. We just kiss. And it's because of him. He only kisses me and moves slowly.


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  • I think he's sticking to once a week because he doesn't want to seem clingy or step over boundaries it's really in your court to let him know. Or perhaps he works and is busier so he likes to plan a full day/night with you?

    • He doesn't work that much. I know because he told me. He did tell me that he dates slowly and doesn't rush into anything because his friends are all married and unhappy and he doesn't want to end up that way. What should I do?

    • Just go with the flow, if you like him appreciate the fact that he doesn't want to screw this up :)

    • You're right. Thanks. It's so hard because I really like him!

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