Tired of dating, should I just take any guy even though I'm not interested in him?

Should I just get in to a relationship with someone even though I'm not interested in him? I'm so sick and tired of dating and I want a family soon. I almost never fall in love (it has only happened once). I don't think I'll find someone I truly want for many many years. I don't want to wait that long until I have someone to move in with and have kids with. So should I just take any guy or what?


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  • You think thats bad, try having to approach literally dozens of girls and recycling the same sh-tty pick up lines so that they will go out with you, or getting rejected by girl after girl because you aren't funny enough. Try approaching women all the time and doing the same exact thing just to try to date them, it sucks. I hate it, and I'm tired of it. I wish I could just push a button and have an awesome wife but it doesn't work that way, I gotta go through all this crap first.

    • And this answers my question how? I'm sorry you have it difficult to but this isn't a competition of who's got it worse. I asked a question.

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  • no... you'll be incredibly unhappy. its best to wait until you meet someone you really like... and you might be stressed about the whole 'i want a family soon' but its really best to wait & not charge into sth quite unprepared with a guy you dont even love... cause you'll have to spend your life with him and hell thats a long time


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  • No no and no! Just live and the right man will come for you on time. You can't just push things. To have a healthy family you need to start with a healthy relationship. You are still young, you'll have plenty time to build the right family.

  • Sounds like a sure fire way to end up divorced at 25.

    • I'm 25 in a few months so don't think so haha.

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