Confused by Manspeak! Need interpretation?

Quick question... on Match, met someone... went well for a couple of meet/greet/dates. Emails are hard to interpret-no voice, no expression. He was offended by something innocent I said days ago. Wasn't meant to be anything mean and I apologized. I backed off for a few days. I wrote him, he wrote back a quick oneliner. I waited again and this time reiterated that i was sorry for before and talked about the weather. then I said, "if you'd rather not speak and/or email any more, please let me know." Well, he wrote back same day and said: It would be nice to move forward:)

Is this a good thing or bad thing? I don't want to write back because i dont' know what it means. He used a smiley face and he said 'move forward' not 'move on'... Again, it's an email so there is no tone or expression, so how to interpret? I wish I could understand manspeak. thanks!


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  • "It would be nice to move forward". how much more blunt can he put it? he meant move past whatever y'all been "butthurt" about. it's because you apologized 2 or 3 times about the same thing when he's been over it.


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