Would you want to date a playboy?

if you knew that the guy you like has a lot of girls chasing him and he is a ladies man, would you continue to chase him? Would you want a relationship with this man?


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  • Simply put, girls can't resist those kind of guys. While smart girls know it'd be a mistake - their emotions would take over.

    I am not a girl but I know this for certain - it's called the "preselection principal": a guy who's considered preselected by other girls is the most attractive guy to any girl - it takes priority over good looks, over power and wealth, over intelligence and other socially conceived attributes - this is a fact backed by research.

    Why do you want to know anyway?

    • Just curious. Not to sound arrogant, but I use to go to go clubbing a lot a couple of years ago and girls would invite me to their birthday party to be the stripper. I never took on the tasks because I worship my body ( and although I work out a lot, I feel insecure about it ). I'm much more. She continues to tell me I'm a ladies man because I keep flirting with her and spitting my game at her.

    • There's a gap between what girls think and what girls feel - if she calls you a ladies man that's good but that doesn't mean it's what she feels but rather what she thinks. If she feels that way, you have a 100% chance of moving things forward - just avoid over-game cause it's a waste of time and she might get bored.


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  • nope

  • no. I want my man to only want me.


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  • Be a respectful playboy that is as classy as a playboy can be- and you stand a better chance; however, when you are IN a relationship- it would be very disrespectful to have these women chase you and not give your FULL ATTENTION to your woman.

    P.s. Smart women- won't waste their time; the average woman- will find it as a competitive game to play, but will soon be bored and move on if these games don't continue. It's a form of attraction to play these competitive sports for certain women. Others don't like games, they want honesty and loyalty.

    So to answer your question in another way- Some would pursue you and some would laugh at you while walking away.

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