Guys, What does it mean when ur boyfriend loves soccer and writes on social media on his friends pic thays a girl u have sexy soccer legs?

Is that ok to write that... Really... Ur dating me... I get it he loves soccer n esp women who love soccer... Im not so much of fan of sports... I get that its hid friend... But why say it like ur drooling over legs of hers...


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  • Women's jealousy all over again. Relax it was just a compliment he made to a friend. Im sure he loves your legs too.

    • Im not jealous. Dont understand y he doesn't pay attn to mine.. She plays soccer n he's into it.. Fine... But why compliment her legs. Wen ur daying someone... Is that right.. I get its a compliment... But he sounds like he's drooling over her legs.. Like its candy.. And the child wants it... I dont think he would appreciate if i said to my guy friends nice chest or nice arms...

    • Well if he doesn't compliment u, u can pull him up on it. i personally think its ok to hive out compliments to other people even if it may be a little flirty. Maybe dress up nice and show ur legs off and asks if he likes them.

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