Is he ghosting me?

I recently met a guy out. He took my number and texted me the next morning saying it was great meeting me and he had fun.

He didn't text again until the next evening and asked if I survived Monday. I replied in an hour and also asked what he had going on this week.

BUT at this point he turned his read receipts on. I can see he read my text but hasn't responded two days later.

Do you think he's just waiting "3 day" to text back? Or do you think I'm being ghosted? (Which I'm very confused about because why text me and ask my questions?)


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  • What is it with the 3 day text rule bs. Just have a normal convo without stupid restrictions which dont help at all.

    • I agree that it is stupid, especially for people who are no longer in middle school. The problem is I don't want to come off as desperate/needy by texting again.

    • Just wait until he texts again. If he doesn't text for like 4 days then send another text. If he still doesn't reply then forget about him.

    • Thanks! I'll try that :)

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  • men outplaying women in the dating game... It's a wonderful time to be alive... you need to step up your efforts in being in control, mate... the guy is not very good at subtlety and you should call him out on his bullshit...

  • At First all men must wait 3 day" to text


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