Whats the point of having multiple girls in your life guys?


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  • If you're single, to keep your options open. Don't ever commit yourself to a woman until it's mutual. I used to think like you and honestly, it'll only get you in trouble. If you have just one woman and you give it your all and things don't turn out right you'll be a lot harder on yourself and it'll hurt that much more.

    If you're dating, to keep your options open in case things don't work out. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a taken guy. I know I'll get a lot of hate for this but idc, I'm just telling you like a bro. The one thing above all else women look for is that you'll make a good life partner and nothing else validates that more than you having a strong solid relationship. So that being said you'll notice once you get in a solid relationship a lot more girls will become interested in you where as otherwise they may not be or you'd have to put more work into it. If you're confident in yourself and your ability to stay faithful there's nothing wrong with befriending these girls and if things don't work out with your current girlfriend, the ease of pursuing someone else is much more available.

  • There is no point, it will only increase your headache and stress levels.


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