How do I get him to notice me again?

Last year I was best friends with the nicest, cutest (in my opinion), and most hilarious guy at my school. We had the most amazing time together with everything we did:). He would even hang out with me more than his snobby girlfriend, but once they broke up he didn't talk to me as much but still we were friends. Over the summer he still kept in touch, he texted me at night and called me when I got a splinter lol. But since September he hasn't talked to me all but four times, once to just joke around in September. In October asking me about a dumb mistake with a boy I made. Not at all in November. Not at all in December besides a cute hand gesture. And this month he said hey to me in the hall and then asked me another random question like a week ago. He never looks at me and likes another girl, but I have loved him for two years. How can I get him to notice me and more importantly be my friend again?


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  • Throw yourself at the opportunity to interact with him. But respectfully.

    Tell him:

    "Hey john, I wanna go play some frisby and get away from school for a little- will you be a rebel with me and join?"


    "Hey john- let's go see a movie, I miss hanging out with you and would like to spend some time together"

    Your leaving the ball in his court to open up for more interaction, but keeping those options available will reel him in- without you having to try things on your own.

    Best regards,



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