Guys, how to show him that I care?

I am a shy person, so my boyfriend told me that sometimes he think i dont care about him and he feel lonely, even when i am near.
I see that he care, he try to do some things for wich shows me, that he tries his best for me. But i can't tell him that i care about him very much and that i like him.
How to express it by actions? What to do?


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  • by performing actions that show it. Wave at him, or smile! Text him and ask him how his day was because you were thinking about him, some people argue by performing sexual favours for your significant other. It does't matter just perform actions that you believe convey affection! Buy him a flower and say he will only get the flower if he kisses you, then kiss him extremely passionately!

    • By him a flower, wave to him? Odd

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  • One word : : Swallow.

    • why do you have to be so rude , mom.

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    • Don't work it.. those answers were too intellectual for your minute brain to comprehend that's why as a last resort it declared those answers as stupid so that it doesn't feel the need to comprehend those.

    • Go and swallow then "Such intellectual" thing to do! Thats for sure show how "intellectual" u r, lol,
      I bet u mever had someone who loved u, and no wonder who would want such piece of shit
      Also, my English isn't my native lang, i bet u dont know any other lanq, than English, ur brain just too small for it or too "intellectual" loool

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