Cute, Sexy, Beautiful, Hot, Pretty?

So im not going to lie, im 23 and i just got my first boyfriend, im 165 tall and im skinny, small boobs, small bum, not all kim k style.

My boyfriend mostly tell me im cute, he has told me few times im sexy when we are having sex and he says im beautiful on the inside and the outside.

But he has also said that there are several levels of girls.. sexy, hot, cute and beautiful and he didn't really explain or go into details but it got me questioning what i am.. i mean what is considered as cute or pretty or sexy etc.

Am i still pretty if i am cute?
I guess i wonder why im called cute.. does that mean im not all those other things?


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  • He thinks your cute overall and only beautiful during sex. You can't be pretty and cute at the same time. He even gave you a scale on which you are ranked below beautiful. this dude needs to make up his mind.

    • he didn't tell me , he didn't say i was that, he said in general

    • How does that make you feel though?

  • everyone is beautiful to someone. I am sure you're drop dead gorgeous to him.


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