He said he'd call but doesn't? Is he still interested?

Talking online and texting for a few days. He said he would call last night but I haven't heard anything. Should I wait or reach out? Is he shy or not interested anymore?
Sent a how's your day text this am... mentioned nothing about the call. Haven't heard anything, so I guess I should just realize he's not interested anymore? I thought things were going great. Thanks everybody


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  • If a guy is interested he'd make that call, he wouldn't not call, so I don't think he's interested in you. He may have 'forgotten' but in all honesty if a guy is really interested in a girl he doesn't forget.

    • Thanks that makes a lot of sense. I just was hoping that maybe he's just nervous. I know he worked late last night and he knows I go to bed somewhat early. But thank you again for your honesty

    • I could be wrong here, so don't take what I tell you with anything more than a grain of salt. I can only give you my perspective and believe me if I am interested in a woman, I don't care how late I am working, or how early I think she'll go to sleep, I'll ring and if she doesn't answer then she can call me back.

      What you say could be true, maybe he worked late last night and maybe he felt you were asleep and didn't want to disturb you.

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  • I would reach out and if he doesn't respond withi 24 hours then forget him


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