So guy in my college class took me out for lunch?

The first thing I notice was... that he laughs at everything I say... even if its not funny, he will laugh soo loud, that everyone can hear him.
The second thing, he likes to open up his eyes wide and make scary face at me at the table.

The third thing, he plays some music for me and he was singing out loud, so everyone can hear, especially when he does high notes.

The forth thing, he does the finger snap, he's calls the waiter over with his fingers, with a serious look on his face.

The fifth thing, omg when his phone rings it will either be his sister on mother, he picks it up, and has an attitude with them on the phone.

The six thing, we stop at a gas station, and the police was coming in and he bucked at the police. The police didn't do anything.

He a sweet guy but does he have some mental issues?


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  • There are enough problems there that he should be quarantined to protect the general public. Don't go on a second date with him!


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  • He most definitely has some kind of issue. No sane minded person acts that way. Best you ditch him now before you fall in to a hole, girl.

  • Sounds like a fucker.

  • eccentric i believe is the word your looking for.


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