Jealous and Freaking out?

So I've been dating this guy, perfect relationship and I've never really had a relationship this good with anyone before.

i come from a dysfunctional family, parents divorced early, dad kicked us out, abandonment issues etc. which lead to me in dysfunctional drama filled relationships until this one.

this guy is so so wonderful and treats me really well but his ex broke up with him for someone else years back and he got deeply depressed. I'm getting irrationally jealous and keep thinking, I've never been in any sort of a real relationship and he had it with some girl and I just get this horrible feeling inside which makes me want to run away and end this before I fall for him harder than I already have. Also, he became an alcoholic after her and I feel like he still drinks a lot and isn't over her at all.

What at do I do?


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  • That's what love is it's taking a risk, letting yourself be vulnerable enough for someone to love you from the outside in. Talk about it, don't accuse just talk about it, and don't overwhelm yourself, it's a new relationship give it time to sink in x


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  • have u asked him?

    • I did, he said, it's been 3 years, he's over it and happy for her but... I dunno why it scares me

    • I understand Iv been there.. well similar situations hun... tell him how u feel and see how he reacts... but yea don't accuse just be open honest and calm... and if u still have that feeling it may be your gut instinct

    • maybe you subconsciously think of feel or worry that he loved her more than you,? awww wish I could help... can't stand them feels aye girl

  • Ummm... I want you to think rationally. Do you really think he's drinking and isn't over her yet or are you trying to sabotage a fine relationship because deep inside you feel like you are not good enough and don't deserve to be happy?


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