Does the person you fell in love with match your ideal physically?

What I mean is perhaps you have a thing for blondes bit fall for a girl with brown hair. Or maybe she has a couple of pounds that make her no chubby bit not skinny. But she has qualities that make her better than your ideal and something you would have never pictured before you met her/ him.


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  • Pretty much... he is healthy and has a face that I find handsome. I never really had a strict ideal image for my partner. I just need to find them attractive. I also find that the more I love him, the more attractive he becomes.

    • Me too never had a solid looks model but men are more visual. I know I have preferences bit when I meet someone I like that is outside of it those preferences go away and he's all I see.

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  • Absolutely when love strikes it can be very mysterious. Suddenly a person you like personality wise get on with and is on your wavelength can suddenly become your ideal partner. Even though they did not match your preferences for body type.


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  • Hmm, Yes I believe so. I mean I'm not that picky, I like men who are handsome and strong. My ex wasn't though, he's very different from what my boyfriend is currently, but both of them was my ideal at the time and now!


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