Girls, why would a girl choose to ignore you occasionally?

So my girlfriend will occasionally ignore me. We don't argue ever, and we get along really well, but every once in a while, she will stop replying to my texts for days at a time, then continue to text me. Doesn't bother me at all, she's been like this ever since I started texting her so I'm used to it but I'm simply curious as to why my girlfriend would choose to ignore me. Thing is, she doesn't just ignore me, she ignores her closest friends as well. I'm super close to her best friends as well, and we have a group chat, and even they're wondering where she dissappears off to. Any ideas as to why she would do this?


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  • i have to admit i do this sometimes.
    sometimes i find everything too much and i just want to block myself away from the world just for a day or so. maybe she's doing the same. maybe she just wants a break from everything and then start fresh again. it honestly makes you feel so much better about yourself and it makes you want to reconnect to people.

  • I am guilty of doing this sometimes- and it's because I just need space and some alone time. Like its not a bad thing at all, she just likes to have time to herself. At least thats where I am coming from.


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